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What the Artists felt about the experience..

Echo Dogs


This renowned UK songwriting team required a 12 Song Album to be mastered.

"Working with Rich was a really easy process.  He helped us bring the best out of our music by identifying mix tweaks and then mastering to the sound we all liked.   

I’d definitely recommend Rich’s services if you are looking for a mixing or mastering engineer"




"CowParsleyMan is easy going and more than happy to amend any parts with no fuss whatsoever. Great mix as always, I'm really happy with the results. Communication was great. He is someone I would call reliable, dependable and knows his stuff! Thanks again for a fantastic sounding mix"




"CowParsleyMan has been a pleasure to work with. He is fully professional and fast working, and the outcome he provided me with was also way past what I was expecting. He has a vision for the music, and he completes it, and he has an eye for every detail in the song. The communication between me and Rich went flawlessly, and he was easy to communicate with. He told me about his vision for the song and how he wanted to make it sound he also gave me a mp3 file of the song so I could evaluate it before he was finished. All in all, a very good experience working with CowParsleyman and I would definitely recommend him and work with again myself if I get the chance."



United States of America

"I really enjoy working with CPM, he's a singer/songwriter/multi-talented instrumentalist and Producer. We have collaborated on several songs the experience was always so enjoyable. He is very easy to work with, very understanding and patient. His critiques on my own work are very constructive and honest.  If it’s not working he will graciously let me know.

CPM works with many artists across the World in various capacities and adds his own skills to the mix whether vocals, instruments or both.   All done very professionally."




"I don't give references, testimonials, or reviews.  For Cowparsleyman, however, I make an exception.  I've been doing this guitar thing for over fifty years,  and have seen many changes, especially in recording equipment and techniques.  I am continually playing catch-up.  The most difficult thing for me was the change to digital.  About three years ago I met Cowparsleyman, we worked together on a couple of projects, and I found out more about digital recording and production in a few weeks, than I had in the last three years.  He really helped in that department, and there's not much he doesn't know about guitar playing either.  Classically trained, and such a sweet bass player.  As a producer, he always has a clear vision as to what and where the song is going, and has a fertile imagination, and always comes along with problem solving ideas. He has a keen sense of humor, and all his advice and comments are constructive
and thoughtful, and always topped off and delivered with a smile.  What more could you want.  If you are looking for any help in songwriting, recording, or production.  I can thoroughly recommend Cowparlseyman."


Martyn Rich

Music Video

When Volve came to Cowparsleyman with this project, they didn’t have a fully formed idea of what they were looking for. As a result, they held a focus session to narrow in on what the sound goals were. In the end, they successfully recorded a large-scale production within a fairly short time frame.


The Urban Myths


I have had the pleasure of working with Rich on various musical projects. His knowledge of production techniques and music theory is remarkable. He works with an attention to detail & with a mastery of precision to get the best out of the project. His exceptional musical insight gives him the ability to excel in various different genres & systems. His work ethic & the standard of his musicianship is first class.
Although Rich has a considerable talent perhaps his greatest attribute is the attitude to his work & the people he works with. He is helpful, patient, friendly and will always go that extra mile to get the required result.
PS. (I hope his ears are well insured because he can hear frequencies my dog can`t even hear ).




We worked together on a few songs, despite pressures of other engagements, We managed to successfully conclude the collaborations...



South Korea

Stay was a remix of Ngne's brilliant piano centered work, We collaborated between South Korea, Vietnam and the UK

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