P90 Pickups

I LOVE P90's their sound is truly magical, they hum like hell, but the tone is a sweet as you'll get from any pup. They are just a big single coil, but they don't all sound the same.

The neck pickup tends to be muddy, but there are all sorts of things in the signal chain before the sound actually emerges from the speaker, the pots, caps, cable the amp, pedals, speaker, valves, and at what volume you are playing. All of these things affect the tone.

I'm in the process of swapping out my Epiphone SG Special 1961 re issue stock pickups, which to honest are pretty darn good, for a pair of Gibson P90's that came out of a 1950's re-issue Les Paul. So it got me thinking have any of you guys had any pickup swapping successes?

Stock pickups do have a tendency to be pretty awful, so it's very common to swap them out in favour for either the real deal's or 3rd Party.

In fact I bought a set of Tonerider Vintage P90's that I sent back before I fitted them, I reckoned that Gibsons are going to be maybe better than these, but one doesn't know until they are tried, so it was a close run thing.

Anyway, the covers on the stock Epi's do not fit Gibsons, so I've had to buy some additional covers.

As soon as the Gibsons have been fitted, I'll report back here and let you know how it went.

Just for reference the Toneriders were from a company called NorthWest Guitars, and you get 10% off your first order, so if you are going for a guitar.....

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