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About Cowparsleyman

The Full Story

Born in a musical household, started the guitar at 8yrs old.

Bought a reel to reel at 17, began writing songs and multitrack recording. Played in a variety of bands including a Jazz Trio, Jazz Rock 6 piece.

1980 - Joined The Edukators, a touring band at 21 as a bassist and co producer.

1982 - Was introduced to a professional producer and worked with him in numerous Studios, including sessions as a guitarist with Colin Thurston (Duran Duran, Bowie...) and Gordon Milne (Level 42, Culture Club...) and co producing at Red Bus Studios in London.

I was given a 16 channel analogue desk, which ignited my passion for mixing and production.

The transition into the Digital era revolutionised my world, making the whole process more self contained and a way that I could turn inspiration into reality.

Collaborated with many artists from around the World both as an Artist and a Producer, creating an identity and profile on SoundCloud, then taking a further step by release a number of singles on the major Streaming sites Spotify, Amazon, iTunes.

Recently started Live DAW tutorial streaming sessions over, explaining DAW production concepts.

I really enjoy helping Artists realise their ideas, but even more I enjoy even more the collaborations , the frank discussions , the explanations, and the friends I've made over the years.


I'd be happy to listen...

Classical guitar to Grade IIX

Drums to Grade V

Theory of Music to Grade V

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